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Luke has spoken extensively on the principles of liberty, the value of unity, and the importance of community action. He speaks to American principles with an unparalleled passion and consistently delivers the message that there is more that unites us than there is that divides us. If you want to bring people together and fan the flames of freedom, you’re not going to find a better speaker. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of the best!


Introducing Luke Throop

Luke Throop is a liberty firebrand who is widely known for his inspiring speeches and passionate energy. He is a fiscally conservative, socially conscious, politically independent thinker who was recently recognized as one of the top grassroots activists in America by the FreedomWorks Foundation in Washington DC.

Luke is a radio host, public speaker, former financial professional, certified yoga instructor, accomplished musician, poet, patriot, and proud husband and father. He is a decorated Army veteran, founder of, and author of a timely new book titled Hackable Animals, which illuminates the many threats of weaponized AI.

Luke presents intelligent counter-narrative perspectives and practical solutions through his daily reports, podcasts, and weekly radio broadcasts. His unique and engaging style makes him truly stand out from the crowd. He is a frequent speaker at political rallies, fundraisers, and community events across the country.

Luke grew up in a plywood shack in the Alaskan wilderness and overcame tremendous obstacles to build his American dream. He draws upon this rich life experience to connect with people through inspiring personal stories. His bigger than life personality and friendly presence has been uplifting and equipping audiences for over 20 years.

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The Cold Hard Truth

Most people have never read the Communist Manifesto. The Manifesto declares that the first step of a Communist Revolution is to win the “battle for democracy.” Throughout history, Communists have been working to “unite the democratic parties” in countries all around the world.

Think about that.

World peace is a noble cause, but the cold hard truth is that fighting for “global democracy” is a Communist strategy being used to institute mob rule at the global level. This is an eye-opening realization for many people, especially for Democrats.

>>>Click to read it and see for yourself.

Luke addresses this common misunderstanding in the video Discussing Democracy With Russell Brand. If you appreciate this sort of honest, no-holds-barred political commentary, Luke would love to join the conversation on your radio show or podcast. Reach out via the form below!

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Understanding The Great Reset

Some people have never heard about the Great Reset. Or, they mistakenly believe that it’s just a conspiracy theory. Nothing could be further from the truth! COVID-19: The Great Reset is the title of a book written by Klaus Schwab, the president and founder of the World Economic Forum. The Great Reset was published shortly after the pandemic began.

This book is the blueprint for the New World Order, which is also commonly thought of as mere conspiracy. In reality, the New World Order is another phrase that has repeatedly been used by the global ruling class. They’ve been using these words for decades, especially when they are deciding the fate of humanity in places like Davos.

If you want to understand how the global elites are using weaponized AI to forcefully impose their socialist agenda, then Hackable Animals is a must read. Drawing upon thousands of hours of research, Luke presents a comprehensive overview of the greatest threats we are collectively facing today.

The American political circus is only one part of a much bigger picture.

Hackable Animals exposes the insidious details of The Great Reset and the efforts of the global elite to institute a New World Order, against the will of citizens all around the world. This well-researched book has received rave reviews, so don’t miss your chance to get up to speed on what’s really going on!

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