Explaining My Passion for Yoga

So, as I continue to consolidate my efforts and bring my passion and purpose into alignment, I’ve decided to shutdown the Luke’s Yoga FB page. The purpose is to eliminate the need to maintain the business element and integrate yoga into my personal platform instead. This is the video that I posted of FB that […]

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vLog 2017-9.25: Pruning the desires of my heart

Wanna know what I’ve got to say on the day after my birthday? A lot!!

Today I’ve begun to consolidate my efforts as I seek to integrate the various elements of me into a singular, passionate, expression of my soul… more details in the video!



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Path to Potential Update

WOWzers… Let me tell you what, podcasting is a blast, but it’s not as simple as one might assume!

I’ve been working hard on episode 4, Harnessing Habits. Actually, it feels like I’ve spent two days banging my head against the wall. Now I have a headache. I’ve also got a little heartache. I’ve been out […]

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The Path to Potential: Keeping it Real (Episode 3)

As you begin to pursue your passion, practical constraints will limit what can be done in day. Priorities are important and perspective is critical. This episode explores the parameters of possibility, keeping it real, and working with reality. Learn to take AIM at life’s potential by Asking the right questions, Involving the right people, and […]

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The Path to Potential (Episode 2)

This second episode is all about tapping into the root of your inspiration. It’s about taking the time to figure out what really makes you tick. Throughout the conversation, questions are used to help uncover the answers already written on your heart. As you listen along, use the worksheet as a resource to ignite your […]

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Introducing: The Path to Potential (Episode 1)

All right friends… this is it!

I’m going to jump in and swim in the sea of podcast personalities. This is my first attempt to put something out there, so I’m looking for a little friendly feedback. Anything in your mind that would make this introduction better, please share!

I’m not afraid of constructive criticism…
I’m not afraid […]

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Scruffy Sage Introduction

SO. The Scruffy Sage Show. What do you think?

The idea here is that I can create an online personality that appeals to the 18-38 year old crowd, lending a little wisdom that I’ve picked up during my tenure in the school of hard knocks. It’s digging into the enigmas and exploring the ideas that help […]

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40 Days of Focus, Week 2 Update

vLog 2017-9.12… I’m hearing Star Trek as I type the title.

When thoughts flash through your mind at warp speed, sometimes typing can feel a little inefficient. Then there is the constant spell checker, which still fails to catch the real flubs, and that incessant pause… is there a better way to say that? Indeed, in […]

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