Practical, approachable, professional, my desire to serve humanity is secondary only to my love of family. Intelligent, intuitive, imperfect, my heart is humble and harbors a compelling urge to live my life in full expression. Embrace it, engage it, enjoy it, I’ll help as many people as I can along the way. The good, the bad, the ugly, I am grateful for the experience.

Above all else, I am a lucky man.
It’s One Hell of a Story

My life has been an epic adventure, an accumulation of stories so grand, they’re almost unbelievable. From humble roots to high regard, my experience has been anything but ordinary. Bastard child of a biker and hippie, I was raised by a single mom in wild Alaska with no electricity, no toilet, and no dad. My childhood was pretty rough, and getting tough was essential to survival. Like a lot of kids, I longed for things to be different. Grandma told me to wish in one hand, then shit in the other, and see which filled up faster. Wishing was worthless. If I worked hard, I might get lucky, but then again, life’s not fair. Sudden storms might steal my thunder, random chaos could destroy my dreams. Seeking comfort in motherly love, mom pointed out that sympathy could be found somewhere between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. Such were the early lessons of life. So it was, I spent much of my early life wandering the wilderness, admiring the indifference of nature, and discovering the freedom of self-reliance. Hard work and half-a-brain helped me hurdle many of the obstacles in my youth. I thrived in school and managed to survive the flowering of my foolish pride. Luck seemed to like me and I was setback only ever-so-slightly by several episodes of shear stupidity. Rebelling against everything in sight, I set out to make my mark on the world. I was hellbent for new horizons, marching into manhood, driven by tenacious determination. I served my country so I could see the world. I searched my soul and served my community. Later I became a banker, an entrepreneur, and a businessman. I became a dad. Then I became broken. As a disabled veteran, I was crushed by a decade of chronic pain. Physically. Emotionally. Destroyed. Darkness swallowed me whole. I was trapped inside a broken body. I felt worthless. My mind wallowed in misery and many nights were spent writhing in tears. Narcotics could barely touch the pain and even the anti-depressants could not sooth my aching heart. It would take me years to escape this pit of despair. Desperate for change, I became obsessed with healing. Slowly I began rebuilding my life from the inside out, restoring balance to my body, mind, and soul. I learned that pain is a powerful teacher. Suffering made me a better person. It cultivated an appreciation for things I once took for granted. Bouncing back brought fresh perspective. Compassion became a natural expression. I grew a beard, became a yogi, and dedicated my heart to a life of service. The bumpy road of life has taught a lot of lessons. I’ve learned how to enjoy the journey. I’ve learned how to elevate awareness, unleash potential, and cultivate lasting satisfaction. I’ve learned how to heal and help others do the same.

If you are hurting, feeling lost, seeking answers, or just wanting more from life, I’m ready to help.

Reach out. Let’s connect. You can drop me an email (email-at-lukethroop-dot-com), or find me on social media here.