I’ll tell you what I think.

As a man of many hats, there’s no telling what I’ll be up to this time tomorrow. As I sail the Sea of Shifting Priorities, embracing my role as Mr. Mom will always be my zenith. Giving hugs, cooking meals, and cleaning toilets can consume me at times. Other times I teach yoga, meditate, or just sit and stare out the window. Sometimes I’m slacking off, playing my guitar, or devouring a book.

It may seem miraculous, but I do get stuff done. When the stars align, I write feverishly and fret obsessively over the details of my wordsmith endeavors. I’m just getting started, but here’s a peek at what’s coming down the pipe:

(Pssst…. if you’re looking for the poetry, click here.)

Published Someday Soon

Upcoming Titles:

(Each book is a work in progress, aiming to be published in 2018.)

Primal Purpose: How to Connect With the Meaning of Life

Broken Open: How the Seeds of My Heart Finally Bore Fruit


If you are interested in beta reading and providing feedback, please contact me.

Will Be Worth a Read

Someday these books will be available on Amazon.com.

Before then, I’ll need some feedback from friendly Beta Readers.

If you are interested, please contact me.