A Pocket Guide on Political Perspective

Exploring the shifting paradigms of modern political chaos.

Something has come between us. We the people are being divided by a wedge of woes. The contrast between left and right is so stark, each camp can only see the other as completely inept. The left side belittles the right as a bunch of unintelligent bigots. The right side judges the left to be a band of flaming pagan lunatics. Both sides are blinded by self-righteous fervor. The time has come for some fresh perspective.

As a socially conscious, fiscally conservative, politically independent person, I pride myself on being a free thinker. My opinions have little respect for the sanctity of party platform. Both sides think they are right. I’ll show you where they’re wrong. As an ambassador between left and right, this guide offers insightful strategy to reconcile radically different worldviews.

Hope for a happy future must be built upon common ground. Here’s my outline for how to get there:

  • Chapter 1:  Laws and Liberty

    Is liberty at odds with the rule of law? It is easy to overlook the underlying structure of society.

  • Chapter 2:  The Religion of Politics

    Despite the animosity, church and state have more in common than you might think.

  • Chapter 3:  Lies of the Left and Right

    Astute observation and sound reasoning will quickly debunk any claim to moral supremacy.

  • Chapter 4:  The Myth of Equality

    Ideals will clash with reality when we take an honest look at diversity. We are not all the same.

  • Chapter 5:  Hard Right, Easy Wrong

    What should leadership really look like? Most people are content to follow, leaving few to shoulder the burden of great responsibility.

  • Chapter 6:  Power to the People

    Who’s really in charge? We vote to elect our leaders, then crucify them in the court of public opinion.

  • Chapter 7:  Meeting in the Middle

    Rather than wallow in the mire of mixed opinion, let’s look for areas to agree in matters of actual importance.

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