A Pocket Guide on Rethinking Religion

Taking a fact based approach to a faith based life.

Modern science has decimated many teachings of ancient tradition. Yet humanity stills seeks meaning through spiritual expression. There is an insatiable urge to understand and connect with the world around us. Observation can provide profound insight, but at the limit of knowledge there is always enigma. For everything that we know, there is always something we’re not even aware of. Human understanding is limited in this fashion.

As social creatures, we find much of our meaning in the company of family and friends. In this context we discover the values that define our personal beliefs. Once beliefs are galvanized within the group, we become confident our theories are true. The lines between what we know and what we believe become blurred. In a world of competing ideas, we begin to bludgeon the beliefs that threaten our own. The result is a world at war.

It takes humility to accept the limits of our own understanding. This is the bedrock of mutual respect. This guide outlines the common ground between faith and fact for the purpose of promoting greater peace.

  • Chapter 1:  Honest Humility

    We all believe in something. Rather than attacking differences as wrong, we should examine faith with an objective lens.

  • Chapter 2:  The Nature of Truth

    How do we know what is true? If personal beliefs are defined in black and white, truth is a shade of grey.

  • Chapter 3:  Deceptive Perception

    Who’s the rightest of us all? We trick ourselves when our certainty is rooted in The Assumption of Superior Knowledge.

  • Chapter 4:  The Human Experience

    Why don’t we see it the same? We may share common emotions, bleed and breathe the air, but there is infinite complexity in every human heartbeat.

  • Chapter 5:  Learning to Get Along

    Why can’t we all just get along? Well, we can, we just have to shed The Assumption and embrace humanity with a humble heart.

  • Chapter 6:  Lessons for the Kids

    Is religion good for kids? That depends on your perspective, but there are considerations that every parent should make.

  • Chapter 7:  A World at Peace

    Is world peace really possible? Perhaps it’s a long shot, but if we can agree to disagree we might just make some progress.

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