Wisdom Says…

Stop and smell the flowers.

Luke Richard Throop

Dedicated to Service
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Man On a Mission

I strive to be the best of me,
Best husband and father I can be,
To help my neighbors happily,
Act kind with true humility,
Speak honest with simplicity,
Thus live my life epiphany.

Warrior, poet, yogi.
Husband, father, friend.
Writer, speaker, teacher.
I strive for excellence in all that I do.
I am a guitar playing, nature loving, big-hearted guy.
My aim is to make the world a better place by helping people be happy.

what is my purpose
Get Answers
seeking clarity
Learn How
want more in life
Make it Happen
Life is short. Live it well.

For what it’s worth, I’m here to help.
I speak from the heart and share from experience.
I’ve hurt and healed and hurt some more.
I’ve lived and learned and forgotten again.
Suffering from my own foolishness keeps me humble.
Having walked for miles in myriad shoes helps me sympathize with the struggles of humanity.
Pride. Pain. Despair. The pernicious perspectives that hold us back, keep us down, and do no good.
Reflecting and learning from life’s mistakes, I’ve earned the benefits bestowed. Peace. Love. Joy.
I’ve come to know purpose and discern the patterns that promote happiness in the heart.
Now I share because I care. I hope. I dare. To make a difference I’ll do my part.
I believe that happy people make the world a better place.
So I share my joy, one smile at a time.

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