This week, as I’ve been working on the podcasts, the videos, the entire social blitz, something has been missing. Yoga. Balance. The bringing together of head and heart… the grounding into the here and now… the elevation of awareness to the awesomeness of life, just as it is, without need to be any different… the peace that comes with this realization. My heart aches for yoga.

Part of my 40 Days of Focus has been creating yoga videos. I’ve been calling them The Daily Dose, 20-25 minute sessions to help you, me, and everyone squeeze a little more yoga into life. The effort has had it’s challenges, especially in the tech department, but I’ve been making progress. If you are curious and haven’t checked them out already, you can watch the videos on YouTube here. Ultimately I want to share my passion for yoga with the world. I’m building a platform for this over at Luke’s Yoga… this site is up and running, with some backstory, pictures and framework. I’m actively seeking input to help make this as practical and user friendly as possible. If you’re interested take a look and tell me what you think!

Interestingly enough, as a side note, I’ve been reflecting as I’ve been neglecting yoga… and I feel that I’ve been doing a great disservice by distilling my teaching to just the asana element, forgoing the very elements of practice that most enrich my own life. This is something I’m noodling through. I’ve been searching my heart for the answers. How do I share the subtle? How do I dig into the soul stuff? What is the best approach to make the deeper stuff relatable and practical? These are the things I’m pondering. What goes through your head when I talk about stuff like this? If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them! Drop me a note or share in the comments!

That’s that for today… Namaste!