WOWzers… Let me tell you what, podcasting is a blast, but it’s not as simple as one might assume!

I’ve been working hard on episode 4, Harnessing Habits. Actually, it feels like I’ve spent two days banging my head against the wall. Now I have a headache. I’ve also got a little heartache. I’ve been out of balance, neglecting other things trying to get the podcast up and running. It sucks to have little to show, except perhaps a lump or two to learn from.

At any rate, it deters me not. I will conquer the beast and complete the series, but I won’t be posting the episodes until they are all complete. The first three episodes let me get a feel for the production process and for the back-end stuff it takes to put it out there. These episodes are kind of the teaser, the trailer, the sneak peek into what’s coming.

I will start promoting once the package is complete, linking through iTunes and the like.

Do you have a favorite podcast platform? Please let me know!

It’s a brand new world out there and any advice or tips you share will be super appreciated.