All right friends… this is it!

I’m going to jump in and swim in the sea of podcast personalities. This is my first attempt to put something out there, so I’m looking for a little friendly feedback. Anything in your mind that would make this introduction better, please share!

I’m not afraid of constructive criticism…
I’m not afraid of constructive criticism…
I’m not afraid of constructive criticism…

Okay. Lay it on me! I kinda think I’m talking too fast, trying to cram it all in. What do you think? Should I allow a little more space to let the heavy stuff settle in? What about the overall gist of the series? Does “The Path to Potential” sound like something useful or interesting? I truly am curious.

The idea here, and with the vLog and Scruffy Sage Show, is that I’m going to shoot for the stars. I’ll lend my voice to the chorus and see what I can do to connect with the world in a big sort of way. This is how I can maximize a positive impact on humanity. That is the intent. And YOU are a critical part of this endeavor.

You can help make me better. As friends and family, you know me better than a thousand followers on social media. You know my heart. You know my passion. You know my potential. If you’ve got the time, it would mean the world to me if you’d tell me what you think. Use the comments section.

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I’m taking the leap. Wish me luck.