Okay, START at 11:00 minutes into this video and you’ll miss most of the dry stuff. At the end I invite you to go back and watch the first part, which is me reading from my journal, but heads up, it might be hard to follow! With that said…

What is the Soul?

“I see it like fractured light glittering off the infinite facets of a divine diamond, each beam having its own dream and direction, its own color and vibe, its own part and place in the grand cosmic array.” -Journal Entry October 1, 2017.

The path of personal growth, a.k.a.The Path to Potential, is a journey that moves from gross to subtle. This is true of physical, mental, and spiritual health. The interplay is interesting. Though physical health may promote an overall sense of well-being, it can do nothing to satisfy the cravings of the soul. The soul longs for intimate connection and passionate self-expression. Anything less leaves the human heart longing, wandering on a quest to find its place and peace in this world.

These are a few of the things I talk about in this vLog entry. I currently am consolidating and pruning my ambition and efforts so that I can prioritize teaching the most important lesson in The Simple Guide to Life. This video offers a glimpse into where I’m at right now.