vLog 2017-9.12… I’m hearing Star Trek as I type the title.

When thoughts flash through your mind at warp speed, sometimes typing can feel a little inefficient. Then there is the constant spell checker, which still fails to catch the real flubs, and that incessant pause… is there a better way to say that? Indeed, in contrast, the idea of an informal video blog appears to be well situated upon a shiny white steed.

The purpose of the vLog? To keep you in the loop. That is, if anyone really wants to know where my head is at, where my heart is at, or what the hell I’m up to, look no further. This will be where I share the substance of my thought as I noodle down the lanes of life. I happen to be wearing the Scruffy Sage attire in this first video, but that’s little more than an efficient use of laundry. Other days I may record in my boxers. Hopefully you get the point.

So, with that, I suppose I’ll toss out a few primers: For the vLog, how often is too often or not often enough? What elements of life are important enough to talk about? Do you want know my secret recipes? Did you know I’m a bad ass cook? How long should I talk? What have you got to say about me sharing my life with the world? I assure you, it’s okay if you say nothing at all. Cue the Alison Krauss.

Thanks for checking in on me. It keeps some semblance of sanity loosely stitched to my sense of self. Use the comments to tell me what you think.

Peace. Joy. Love.

I wish you all of the above.